Exkursion ALCAN 2022
ALCAN Systems
20.06.2022 Veranstaltungsrückblick

Excursion to ALCAN Systems

By using liquid crystals, ALCAN Systems has developed a new type of antenna system for mobile and satellite communication, which is particularly convincing due to its flat and low-cost design. With the phased array antenna, an electric field is controlled and rotated through the liquid crystal layer without changing the position of the antenna.

Due to the enormous application possibilities in telecommunications, students of electrical engineering with the specialisation " Communication and Sensor Networks" as well as students of the international Master's programme "Information and Communication Engineering" were particularly addressed. As the excursion was offered entirely in English, the ETV Darmstadt was also able to welcome some international students.

After a 15-minute drive from Darmstadt city centre, all the students were welcomed by Dr Onur H. Karabey, CEO and co-founder of ALCAN Systems.

After briefing introductory words, a guided tour of the ever-expanding premises began immediately. Particular attention was paid to the RF test laboratories and the control centre, which enables optimal alignment of the antennas located on the roof of the building. In addition, the large balcony was presented, which is not used for the lunch break, but mainly to test new antenna systems and check their function.

Back in the lecture room, the presentation continued with a general introduction of the ALCAN systems. Right at the beginning, it was explained how the idea of realising intelligent, low-cost antenna systems with liquid crystals came about. Through the presentation of implemented feeder networks and very descriptive slides, the novel principles were introduced. Through the additional questions from the students, everyone was able to learn a lot. Fully glazed phase-shifting arrays open up new possibilities for satellite communication.

Dr. Karabey also went into the history of the development, which began with Prof. Jakoby from the TU Darmstadt, among others. Here it became clear what an arduous but also extraordinarily successful path lay behind the company. He managed to convey to the students the difficulties, but also the freedoms, associated with founding a start-up. It was very impressive to see how quickly ALCAN has grown and what significance the company has on the market today. 

Finally, exciting film footage of ALCAN's greatest successes was shown, which once again highlighted the company's enormous potential. So the afternoon ended with satisfied and above all fascinated students.

Many thanks for the opportunity!

Daniel Birnstengel